What makes us unique?

Greentricity is aligned to contribute to addressing Climate Action commitments for business owners today.

The Greentricity approach is to partner with our clients on the journey towards carbon neutrality providing on-going consultation services for our clients. The regulations and associated frameworks are dynamic in nature. We stay on top of it, so our clients can get on with their business.
Renewable energy and the best practices associated with achieving carbon neutrality, is an evolving space. For this reason, all our clients have a dedicated account manager to work with on this journey towards a greener future.

Greentricity is committed to the overarching goal of the EU regulation 2021/1119 ‘Fit For 55’

Fit for ’55 refers to the binding objective of all EU nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 as compared to 1990 levels.

The Climate Action and low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act (“Climate Act”) was signed into law in Ireland in July, 2021.
It commits Ireland to reaching set targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and 2050 and provides a framework within which to reach those targets.


The move to more sustainable energy sources, will contribute to any entity’s obligations with respect to:
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