What Percentage Of Power Will My Solar Array Generate?

Will solar cover all of my business needs?

The demands of every business in terms of electricity are wide and varied. A question we often get is can I now operate off grid? Will solar replace my need for grid power 100% during daytime? The reality of this scenario with very few exceptions is no, solar power will compliment part of your system requirements at peak times in the region of 22-30%.

The wonderful fact about this % value is that this portion of the energy when the system is repaid or before then depending on what energy rates do in that timeframe is yours and yours alone. you now have that % value for free in essence and for that % value you no longer can be dictated to in terms of rates or service charges

There will be other periods and exceptions where solar power will exceed requirements and be lost into the ground. Battery technology is coming and coming very soon. The ability of lithium ion batteries is becoming a very viable storage and release option relative to demand for more and more business across many disciplines on a daily basis