What Are The Costs Of A Solar Array Installation?

What are the costs of installation? 

This varies.   

  • If you are a PPA client – there is no charge. 
  • If you are buying the system from us – we detail all costs on the detailed quote to you.  There are many factors that impact the overall cost, and we will help you to understand the rate of return on that investment so you can make a fully informed decision. 
  • The size of the system and the complexity of the building(s) all have an impact.  Some other factors that can come into play are whether the system is roof mount or ground mount, or both!  We also have to look at environmental impacts and allow for considerations with respect to an SAC for example.  

It’s best to reach out to us and we can help you to understand what the costs will be for you and your business. While doing that, we will also be able to show you what the savings are and hopefully that will be good news for you