What are solar PPA agreements?

Commercial PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Greentricity design, project manage and fund the solar system for your organization.  You just pay for the electricity you use.

Depending on the electrical consumption of an entity, the capital investment for a solar system can be significant and not all organizations are able to allocate large amounts of money towards these projects.  Commercial PPAs are an ideal solution for an organization who wants to invest their hard-earned capital into projects more relevant to the service they provide while also being able to move to a renewable source for electricity.

Greentricity will take a look at your organization to see if you are a good fit for Commercial PPA.  Ownership of the building/location is something we look at as well as the business/organization itself to give us assurance as to the longevity of the operation.  Larger companies and PLC’s are all workable, but also not-for-profits such as schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, government buildings, libraries etc., can benefit from having access to solar without the up-front capital.

It costs the client nothing for Greentricity to do a preliminary design and to see if it’s feasible for your organization to enter into a PPA.  Also, we offer buy out options.  If you decide you would like to own the system down the line, we can arrange for that.  This means, you can have the benefit of the solar system sooner rather than later, and then when you are ready to make the investment – it’s a proven system.  No risk whatsoever!

These structures are guaranteed to work well for up to 30 years and as a PPA client, the maintenance and support is all covered under the terms of the contract.  You only pay for the electricity you use.

Greentricity project manage the whole process for you all the way to switching on your solar array.  Our team of engineers will work with your stakeholders and all safety and compliance standards will be met in line with best practice.