The Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme for Farms in Ireland

Managing cash flow is one of the most challenging features of farming in Ireland. Rising energy costs are a concern for every business. But, when it comes to renewable energy, our farmers are very well positioned. Farmers often have lots of roof space and possibly spare land that they can be making good use of with a solar PV system. Whether you are considering using a roof, or a corner of a field for a ground mount system, there are commercially sound reasons to explore this.

TAMS (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme) is offering up to 40% and even 60% to young farmers for investments into solar PV. There are also tax incentives, for example the VAT can be claimed back if you are a flat rate farmer. There are some limits, but typically the systems supported by this scheme are big enough to have a significant impact on your electricity bills. Not all farms operate the same way, so each situation needs to be explored, but, generally speaking, a solar PV system will reduce your bills by up to 40% over the year. The addition of a battery will mean you can save up to 60% of your annual electrical bill. Solar PV won’t replace your grid connection, it will however compliment it and give you energy security. The return on investment can be very short, just a couple of years if you get the grant, but the system will produce electricity for 30 years or even more. Future proof your farm with solar PV.

Not all installers are the same and to be eligible for the support you will need to be sure you are going with a registered installer and the materials are all on the Triple E Product Register. With no obligation we are happy to guide you. Getting a quote from us is easy.