Solar PV Systems for schools in Ireland

With welcome support from the government, Irish schools will have solar panels installed for free.  This is a massive initiative and will be key to our “rooftop revolution” having a real positive impact on sustainability.  There’s a lot of information flying about on different schemes and grants, but for our schools it’s a given thankfully.  The Summer Works scheme is available for application and every school in Ireland should be applying to have solar PV panels installed this summer.

You will be able to track the energy production and consumption for your building which can be very interesting to curious minds.  You will reduce your bills and do your bit for the planet all in one easy project.  These systems are low maintenance, no moving parts, and usually on the roof away from danger and risk.  Give us a call anytime to discuss.

Getting a quote from us is the easy bit.  With no obligation, we are happy to guide you. Getting a quote from us is easy.