Solar PV Can Power your Irish Businesses in Spring 2023

If you want Solar PV in your business for Spring 2023 you need to start planning now. To get the best out of your Solar PV system, now is the time to plan for your installation in time for Spring 2023.

You can install Solar PV at your business any time of the year, but it’s good to understand that the energy production is seasonal.  As daylight hours increase, the production increases.

In a well-designed system, a typical Irish business could expect Solar PV to give them all their energy during the summer months.  But this is balanced out at other times of the year as daylight hours decrease.  Overall, you can expect Solar PV to give you around 30% of your annual electricity demand.

Your installer will take time to understand your consumption of electricity to propose a size of system that best meets your requirements.  The ESB applications take time too so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.