Future-proofing your business with a Solar PV System

All Greentricity developments are with an eye to the future.

Installing an inside the metre Solar PV system reduces dependence on the grid for electricity.  This means if there is a power outage, you can still work during daylight hours.  It also means, if energy rationing becomes a reality, you will be less impacted than if you were fully grid dependent.

All systems designed by Greentricity are done so with the following considerations:

  • Scalability – can we add to this system if this business grows?
  • Storage – can we add energy storage and when will it be practical to do so for this client based on their consumption?
  • Selling back to the grid – We install inverters that can handle electricity going back to the grid.  At the moment, the commercial viability of this is changing and we keep a very close eye on what’s beneficial for the client.

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