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What is a solar photovoltaic (PV) system?

A commercial solar PV system is solar on a larger scale installed on a business premises to generate electricity for the client. Large and/or Public buildings with large energy needs, can avail of the benefits of solar PV and reduce carbon emissions.

Solar panels are mounted on the roof of a building, adjacent land or water bodies and are integrated into the business electrical network. The solar panels generate electricity throughout the year, especially in the summer and battery systems can also be installed to use the stored power after dark.

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Financial Savings

Reduction of up to 30% of your overall energy costs

With rising energy costs, businesses are looking for energy security. Solar PV typically means a reduction of electricity costs during daylight hours versus costs from the grid. Additionally, solar is not subject to supply and demand so it’s guaranteed and the costs are stable.

We are developers of solar solutions for businesses and other large energy users.


About Greentricity

Greentricity are an Irish owned business based in County Carlow, Ireland. We develop solar solutions for businesses and other large energy users. We project manage the entire solution from preliminary design to implementation.  We offer these solutions for sale and/or on PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). We help your business reduce energy costs through sustainable means.

Financial Savings

Solar PV means a reduction of your energy costs from the grid.  Some clients are enjoying up to 30% of their annual consumption being produced by solar.  Greentricity can provide solar solutions for sale to our clients or on a commercial PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).  At no cost or obligation, we can do a preliminary design and help you understand the savings for your business.


Do you know what a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is?

If the business is looking to redirect capital into other projects, but wants to get on the sustainability ladder, a commercial PPA is the answer.  Greentricity will fund your solar system.  You just agree to buy the electricity you use from the system at a lower rate than the grid!  No cap ex required, no maintenance and cheaper electricity!  Reach out to us to see if you’re a good fit for PPA.

Are solar panels right for me?

The higher the energy consumption the greater the rewards to the business and greater the reductions in your carbon foot-print.  At no cost, we can do a preliminary design to see what you can save.  If you own your building or have a long-term lease/freehold, investing in solar is an investment in the future of your business.  Good roof space or adjacent land are an untapped resource when it comes to solar.

Can I afford it?

We can help you calculate your ROI with no cost or obligation.

In the case of a PPA there is no capital expenditure and the electricity is cheaper so, you can afford it. Greentricity cover all the costs of implementation.  If you are looking to own the system yourself, we can help you calculate the return on investment.  There has never been a better time to invest in solar.   The ROI is at an all time low and we can help you calculate this with no obligation or cost to you.

Who should consider installing commercial solar panels?

Any business or entity concerned with rising energy costs as well as reducing their carbon foot-print, should consider installing Solar PV.

If there is a large roof, adjacent available land or body of water, solar PV will be a viable energy solution. For high energy consumers, the yields from solar have a huge impact on the overall energy costs. These Solar Arrays are significant infrastructural changes, so a long-term lease agreement/freehold on the building as well as the intention to stay in their premises should be the case.

The CO2 emissions and a step towards net zero

Greentricity Solar PV is a carbon free energy solution

By reducing your CO2 emissions in this way there is an immediate positive impact on the environment. The reductions in emissions can be measured and form part of your overall green strategy and agenda which is vital for any business today.

Solar PV as a solution is aligned with ESG and Risk Management strategies. This measure can contribute to making your organisation more attractive to investors and more profitable to your shareholders.
By future proofing your business you become part of the solution for the next generation.

How do I get started? What are the steps

Reach out to us. We will arrange a meeting so we can get to know you and your site.

Becoming Carbon Neutral?

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