How long Do PPA Contracts Run For? (Power Purchase Agreements)

Here we take a brief look at the standard PPA agreement length of contract

Typically a PPA will be over a 25 year period.  That might sound like a very long time, but the latest technology in solar systems is showing a lifetime of producing electricity in excess of 30 years and up to a 92% energy production rate from the latest tech in solar panels, you can be safe in the knowledge that with the best PPA solar partner you business will thrive without the capital expenditure costs incurred in year one. 

In order to keep the cost per kWh (kilowatt) competitive, we look for a longer duration of the contract.  A PPA also means that the maintenance and support is covered by the contract for the duration which can be an attractive prospect for a client that just wants to concentrate on their business and to leave the rest to us. Don’t forget too, you can buy out the system before that if you choose to. 

In this contract we take care of everything from initial consultation and site visits to installation and servicing on the panels and invertors as scheduled by our engineers.