Lord Bagenal Hotel Case Study

The Lord Bagenal Hotel is a renowned hotel in the hospitality industry, They recently undertook a sustainable initiative by installing commercial solar panels to offset their electricity bills.


The hotel’s commitment to environmental responsibility led them to the implementation of a 59.5kW Solar Panel System being installed on their building this year 

Installation Process


Enquiry & Design Process

Once contact was made with the hotel we designed their custom Solar PV System, Factors such as roof orientation, shading, and available space were evaluated to determine the optimal locations for solar panel installation.



The installation process was carried out in phases. Panels were carefully mounted on specially designed racks to ensure optimal tilt and orientation for maximum solar absorption. Inverter units were also installed to convert the captured sunlight into usable electricity.


Integration & Testing

The PV system was integrated into the hotel's electrical infrastructure. Rigorous testing was conducted to verify the systems' performance, efficiency, and safety standards.

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