Agricultural Solar Power

Solar Panels on your Farm

Benefits of using Solar PV System in Agriculture

Self Sufficient

Farms can become completely self sufficient

No extra space needed

Don't have to give up any farm land space for the Solar panels

Grant Availble

Grant of up to 60% investment available for farmers

Reduce Energy Costs

Save 60% of your annual energy costs

Make the change today

Something a lot of farmers would like to achieve is to be self-sufficient and nothing lends itself more to that than being able to generate your own electricity. 

Farms are ideal environments for generating solar power with large buildings lots of open spaces. 

A behind the metre solution for the family home, and the sheds is a great step towards that carbon neutrality and reducing dependence on the grid. 

You don’t have to give up any precious land either. Generate electricity using the power of solar panels for your own use by using the real estate on the roof of your sheds or even the house.

We will work with you in securing your grant

Greentricity will take the time to get to know your patterns of energy demand and design a solar PV system that gets the optimal performance for your home and business using the most suitable buildings you have. 

We will work with you towards maximising the grants available to you and getting the best return on investment for you.

Learn more about how farmers may be entitled to receive up to 60% for investments into Solar PV

Read our blog post on how TAMS (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme) is offering up to 40% and even 60% to young farmers for investments into solar PV. 

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