Do Solar Arrays / Solar Systems Require Much Maintenance?

Lets take a look at what’s required to keep your solar system optimized for optimum performance

Solar panels and associated hardware are built for the long road. They are designed and tested to deal with falling debris, extreme heat and cold, dust and everyday dirt. Each solar panel is made to perform by being exposed to light. That considered it is imperative that a regular inspection be done by your companies maintenance department.

Depending on your location, your climate and exposure to wind and rain. Our team can help schedule a cleaning schedule to make sure you are getting the best from your solar system. something else to consider is that each system is fitted with state of the art monitoring software which can isolate each panel to ensure that its performing as it should.

Your business will have access to this intelligent software and will be trained on how to use it. From there Greentricity as a solar partner will be available to assist you in the event of a system fault, panel failure etc