Do I need Planning Permission for Solar PV in Ireland?

Planning Permission for your solar PV installation is no longer a road-block.

Up until recently, you needed planning permission for any solar PV system larger than a small domestic one. The prospect of dealing with planning for solar PV installations was certainly playing a part in our resistance to examining the potential energy we can create on our roof tops and sites. The great news is that this is no longer an issue.

Homes and other buildings will no longer need planning permission for solar panels, except where they are close to airports and some emergency facilities. This is great news for businesses looking to control their energy costs. Between planning costs gone away and the potential revenue from micro-generation, the future is very bright for Solar PV in Ireland.

We still have a way to go with respect to grid connection, but behind the metre, on your own roof – it’s cheaper and more stable than any other renewable energy solution.