Commercial Solar Panels

Solar PV Systems perfect for your organisation

Little girl with her dad holding paper model of house with solar panels, explaining how it works.Alternative energy, saving resources and sustainable lifestyle concept.

We will help find the perfect Solar PV system for your business

Greentricity will help you size and design a solar PV system appropiate for your business and real estate. We then do a financial analysis exploring the benefits of self-fund or Commercial PPA. Details below

Self - Fund your solar PV system

When you self-fund your solar PV system, this means that you, the client, arrange the financing of

the project yourself. We just do the work. The good news with that approach is that the electricity

produced is all yours now and forever and your ROI (Return On Investment) is very short.

Commercial PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

We design, project manage and fund the solar system for your organisation. You just pay for the electricity you use.

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