Commercial Solar PV Systems

At Greentricity, our passion for solar energy goes beyond mere business; it’s a commitment to a greener future. We are staunch advocates for sustainability and firmly believe in the power of solar energy to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change. This shared vision drives every decision we make and every project we undertake.

SEAI Commercial Grant

SEAI Non-Domestic Microgen Grant can provide financial assistance to help businesses to install Solar PV significantly offset the initial installation costs, making solar panel installations more financially feasible. 

Grant funding is available for systems up to a maximum 1000kWp.


Payment options for Commercial PV Systems

Understanding and evaluating different financing options for commercial solar PV systems is of paramount importance for businesses considering a transition to renewable energy sources. 

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Commercial Case Studies


OF Borris

Commercial Solar Panel System

Kelly’s is one of Ireland’s largest stockists of new and used agricultural machinery farm machinery and plant equipment. Kelly’s opted for solar energy to cut electricity costs, enhance energy efficiency and to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to Ireland’s broader efforts in combating climate change.


Bagenal Hotel

Commercial Solar Panel System

The Lord Bagenal Hotel, a renowned establishment in the hospitality industry, undertook a sustainable initiative by allowing Greentricity to install commercial solar panels on their building to offset their electricity bills.

Commercial Solar Panel Benefits

Reduce Electricity Bills

Using solar panels will lead to substancial cost savings on energy bills over the long terms, allowing businesses to allocate funds to other areas

Low Maintenance

Solar panels have very little maintenance due to having no mechanical parts

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Utilizing solar energy will reduce the carbon footprint of your business which demonstrates the company's commitment to environmental sustainability

Energy Independence

Installing commercial solar panels will help protect your business against future price increases

Grants Available

New commercial grants available to all businesses make it easy to generate long term savings and enjoy a quick pay back period

More Affordable than Ever

The cost of commercial solar PV systems has fallen dramatically in the past few decades, and by over 70 per cent in the past decade alone. Now is the best time ever to invest!

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John Lalor

“Excellent service and staff Efficient from beginning to end Plenty of time for questions Very tidy work.”

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Joe Byrne

“Very impressed with the level of service from Greentricity, No stone left unturned and answered any question I asked of them very promptly and to a high degree of knowledge. I felt in very safe hands knowing they were doing our Solar PV system Installation”


Seamus Murphy

“Greentricity are expert solar panel installers and there level of attention and detail throughout every aspect of our install has to be commended. Would highly recommend!” 

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