How Can Greentricity Help My Company On It’s Sustainable Solar Journey?

We would be delighted to be your partner on this journey.

One of our sales team will work with you from the outset all the way to switching on your solar system.

First, we reduce your energy wastage.  We do this by arranging an energy audit with an SEAI registered auditor to ensure you can avail of the grant aid available.  We will analyze the findings with you to determine what changes/protocols can be put in place to reduce your reliance on the grid.  Sometimes there are easy wins, it’s just a matter of making some cultural changes – timers on lights for example.

Once the business determines the changes they are going to make, we will then design a solar system taking into account the reduced consumption.  This is a good approach because we can be more certain we are meeting your on-going need.   As the new saying goes – “The cheapest electricity is the electricity you don’t use!”

We then do a draft design in order to agree in principal with you, the size and where the solar system will go.

The next step is a more detailed design with an accurate cost and subject to planning.  Bearing in mind scalability and future proofing the system.

There are financial incentives and grant aid available for some entities and projects and we will work with you to ensure you can avail of as much support as possible.  Greentricity do all the project management for you, working closely with all shareholders on your behalf