Benefits to My Business

Energy security is an issue for all businesses.  Rising costs and supply concerns are on the radar of all decision makers in all sectors of industry

More importantly, any move towards renewable energy is a move towards reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and being part of a greener future for all.

Energy Security

  • Energy Security – by moving towards sustainable solutions for energy you will future proof your business because supply is guaranteed.
  • Fixed pricing on PPA’s – Greentricity finance the solar solutions, so you avoid the capital outlay and engage in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement with Greentricity) – this means you can fix energy pricing for the duration of the contract – up to 25 years – and it costs you nothing.
  • No drain on internal resources because Greentricity project manage the entire solution.
  • Immediate savings on energy because solar is cheaper than fossil fuel.
  • Immediate reduction in your carbon footprint. Solar is carbon free
  • Solar PV uses sunlight rather than heat – so even in the Irish climate, you will have the power you need. Energy assurance.
  • Being in a position to report on your energy consumption from renewable sources as well as overall cost savings.
  • PR opportunities for your organisation.
  • Knowing you are part of the solution for the next generation.

Energy Diverter


The Energy Diverter is a very clever piece of technology that can be used to send excess energy direct to your hot water tank. This process works automatically and can generate up to 80% of your hot water needs.

EV Charger

Closeup of power supply plugged into an modern electric car. Electric or EV car charging station.

The EV Chargers are a staple for Solar PV customers. With our clever system. you can plug in your EV charger and any excess energy will be directed to your Electric Vehicle automatically and can be Sun-Powered!

Battery Storage


The Battery Storage system kicks in when the surplus energy from the sun is not needed by our building at that time. This excess energy is collected for use in the evenings when the sun goes down. This Battery can also be used for storing cheap night rate electricity and also can be used as an emergency power supply.

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EPS Back up

Some customers have the need to use their system even when the power goes out. Most systems have to be switched off when the power goes. This is to protect anyone working on the power lines on the grid. But we can wire up a separate back up system that is separate from the grid so you can make sure you have power for the more important loads in the home. Renewable energy and the best practices associated with achieving carbon neutrality, is an evolving space. For this reason, all our clients have a dedicated account manager to work with on this journey towards a greener future.

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